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Carrie Birrell

Carrie Birrell BSN, WCC, CLT is the Director of Clinical Operations for Universal Medical Management. Carrie’s passion for serving others led her to the healthcare industry over 14 years ago. In that time, she has held various positions including clinical
educator, management, team leader and mentor. Carrie has created and reenergized multiple wound care programs, guiding each program to achieve best practices in wound care.
Carrie has a knack for connecting with others and loves sharing the knowledge she has garnered throughout her career, making her a natural educator. Carrie’s education experience includes in-services and trainings given to Certified Nursing Assistants, nurses, therapy staff and providers.

When away from the office, Carrie prioritizes the things she loves the most – her kids, her boat, her husband and friends. On any given weekend you can find Carrie on her wake boat pulling around any combination of her favorite people and connecting with nature. She ensures that she is filling her personal tank in order to be able to provide the best care to others during the week.

Professional Wound Specialists (PWS) provides high quality evidence based medical care to our patients. We provide wound care treatments in hospitals, surgical center, rehabilitation facilities, long term acute care, skilled nursing facilities, and home health services. We provide wound care doctors at home, which allows convenience for homebound patients who need high quality service. PWS serves in the greater area of Nevada, California, New Mexico, Idaho, and Utah.

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