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Professional Wound Specialists believes in the continuity of medical care. We provide a wide variety of services in the hospital, outpatient surgical center, long term acute care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities. Upon discharge, we provide follow-up wound care services in our office and home visits for patients who are homebound. The broad spectrum of service locations enable us to follow and treat the patient in a continuous fashion preventing miscommunications between physicians, facilities and nurses.


Professional Wound Specialists is dedicated to all patients in the facilities. In any long term acute care, rehabilitation or skilled nursing facilities, we will treat all wounds REGARDLESS of their insurance status and/or company. We dedicate our services equally to all patients. For home health, any patient with Medicare will be covered. This includes patients with or without a secondary insurance. We accept a wide array of insurance plans, and are willing to be flexible to provide the utmost care.


Nurses that Professional Wound Specialists work with are on-call 24 hours a day. Professional Wound Specialists wound care providers are available in any emergency situation. All facility and home health agency nurses have direct cell phone access to our providers.


Professional Wound Specialists is beyond just wound care. We also treat patients with advanced wound therapy such as amniotic tissue or cadaver tissue implant, hyperbaric medicine and MIST treatment. In addition to wound care, we also provide wound surgery. This includes amputations, fistulectomy, skin cancer excisions and surgical wound closures. At the facilities, we also provide bedside procedures such as feeding tube exchange and removal, suprapubic catheter changes, removal of tunneled catheters and punch biopsy of skin lesions.


Dr. Ming-Wei Wu and Dr. Julie Wu volunteer annually at Belize for a medical mission. Along with 100 other doctors, students and volunteers, they treat over 300 patients at poverty areas and Mayan reservations. Professional Wound Specialists (PWS) office and Humanity Health Center, our primary care clinic, occasionally offer free hepatitis and H. Pylori testings. Covid-19 tests are also offered. In addition, PWS frequently provides free lectures and educations to doctors, nurses and students.

Medical Missions:

Dr. Ming-Wei Wu performing surgery at the Belize medical mission (2019).




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Professional Wound Specialists (PWS) provides high quality evidence based medical care to our patients. We provide wound care treatments in hospitals, surgical center, rehabilitation facilities, long term acute care, skilled nursing facilities, and home health services. We provide wound care doctors at home, which allows convenience for homebound patients who need high quality service. PWS serves in the greater area of Nevada, California, New Mexico, Idaho, and Utah.

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