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Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Cybill Navarro

Born and raised in Northern California, Dr. Cybill Navarro grew up in Vallejo and attended UC Merced. Part of the inaugural class, she then moved onto medical school at Touro University in Las Vegas, Nevada. During her training and residency, she worked with Dr. Wu, which ignited her interest and passion for wound care.
Whether it is in the clinic or hospital, Dr. Navarro always strives to deliver superior care and consultation. Her goal is to increasingly improve patient satisfaction and quality of life. With a strong emphasis on holistic and osteopathic care, Dr. Navarro takes pride in finding the proper solution for all her patients.
Outside of work, Dr. Navarro devotes time to volunteering to help others, and also is an entrepreneur¬†with a small business fashion brand. Whether it’s work or hobbies, Dr. Navarro is dedicated to always delivering a consistent level of professionalism, service, and care.

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