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Jaylene Nguyen

Born in Vietnam and immigrating to the US during her early teens, Jaylene Nguyen embarked on a journey marked by academic excellence and a diverse medical career. She earned a Bachelor of Science in General biology for UC San Diego, laying the foundation for her foray into healthcare. Subsequently, Jaylene pursued a Master of Health Science from Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, further honing her expertise.

As a certified physician assistant, Jaylene has made significant contributions across various medical specialties. Her proficiency in orthopedic surgery, with a specialization in joint replacement, showcases her dedication to surgical precision and patient care. She has also demonstrated her versatility by working in emergency medicine, and family medicine, underscoring her ability to adapt to different medical domains.
Beyond clinical practice, Jaylene has taken on non-clinical roles, serving as a subject matter expert. In this capacity, she provides valuable expertise on diverse medical subjects, contributing to the broader understanding and advancement of medical knowledge. Throughout her career, Jaylene Nguyen has exemplified a commitment to continuous learning, patient-centered care, and the multidimensional aspects of the medical profession.

Outside the demanding realm of medicine, Jaylene Nguyen channels her energy into learning and refining her proficiency in both Spanish and Vietnamese, showcasing a genuine commitment to breaking down language barriers and fostering stronger connections with her patients.
Additionally, Jaylene finds solace and joy in the great outdoors. Whether it’s the serenity of a hiking trail or the invigorating pace of trail running, she embraces the therapeutic benefits of nature. This balance between linguistic growth and physical activity reflects Jaylene’s holistic approach to life, where both personal and professional aspects contribute to her overall well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.

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